Do you know how rad Boise, Idaho has become lately? No? Boise is the new Los Angeles. Not even shitting you. This change in status is due primarily to the Treefort Music Fest. See show details to the right because MINѺT would sooner wear Korn-rows than miss this epic Treefort showcase with Gaytheist.

By the way, no big deal, but … OMFG. MINѺT IS RELEASING A NEW FULL-LENGTH LP ON JULY, 2014! This shit sounds nuts and looks nuts, so it must be bananas. We are so very happy to have the support of both The Mylene Sheath and Golden Antenna. This means EU and USA tours are in the works for Fall 2014. EQUAL / OPPOSITE will be available on gorgeous colored 12” vinyl LP, typical boring CD, or smashy mp3 download. 2014: The Year MINѺT Went Broke.