2011.11.06 // Welcome

Nothing legitimizes a band like a brand new website; that’s the truth, Ruth. What could have been an ill-advised and bungling traipse into the cat-eat-cat world of the innywebs was made slick and savvy by our friend Frank Kolodziej.

So now, instead of just going straight to a played-out bandcamp page… you can type in our intuitive and proprietary URL and be whisked away to an elegantly designed web portal, which you will then use to locate our bandcamp page.

There is nothing new under the sun. Our respective previous bands accidentally grabbed the grenade by the pin, blew apart, and have now collapsed into the dark gravitational anomaly known as MINѺT [ MAI naught ], from which very little merch and press coverage escapes.

MINѺT is a band that will, little by little, practice the sorts of bandisms that you’ve come to expect from bands. The three-or-so corr members of the band are in the process of booking public appearances, adding assets to our internets, and making & releasing recordings cooperatively with __________ Records.

But what’s truly fucking radular about MINѺT is that there are a bunch of preternaturally gifted players, distinct from the corr members, who flit into our sphere every so often and enrich the noise with even more noise… these people, while not always available for world tours, are no less part & parcel to what MINѺT does. They are a necessary creative force, whether laissez-fairely structured or deliberately improvised, to the Gesamtkunstwerk that MINѺT hopes to be. The more I treat these News updates as a weblog for our grandiose aspirations and irrational expectations, the more likely it is that we’ll live up to half of them.

So the idea, folkers, is that you spread the word about this shit. Remember in the nineties, when you felt so rad if you knew of a great band before anyone else and it felt as if that band belonged to you? Here’s your opportunity — by reading this, and listening to these jambs, you are IN on the ground floor.

We belong to you, and only you.

Make us the band you ask for when you walk into a hipper-than-thou record store because you want to ask about a band that the mustachioed dude at the counter has never heard of.

Make us the band you play on your 4am bottom-of-the-FM-dial college radio show.

Make us the band for whom you make a homemade fan-t-shirt and buy on vinyl even though you have the mp3s, because compressed files just won’t do.

Looking forward to meeting you, new friend. We’re literally gagging to get in our van, drive to where you are, and play a five dollar show for you (and probably only you.)