2012.05.09 // An Era of Institutional Failure

Alright. While the first MINѺT album, “An Era of Institutional Failure” is manacled to a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean, a pre-release practice often referred to as “shopping it around”, there are a couple tracks on bandcamp for your evaluation. As you may or may not hear, these have not yet been mastered. This just means that you need to listen to them on a good stereo and turn the volume knob clockwise until it stops.

Shannon Corr, Minot’s drummer, is having trouble finding the first beat of the measure, often called “the one.” If anyone can help Shannon find the one or has anecdotal knowledge as to its whereabouts, please write In other news, the band took photos of itself, got into a slap-fight about who is the “frontman”, and booked some more shows for June.